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This piece is part of the AAVVGG Archive and not currently part of the collection.

The Dutch designer, Aldo Bakker, is known for his uncompromising approach to design. This is a perfect example of his work. TriAngle consists of 12 triangular elements—cut to fit together like the perfect puzzle. The final puzzle reveals a square stool or side table with a distinguished and very precise look. The sharp corners and visible cuts will become softer and gain patina over time, making tear, wear and decay a very essential part of this design.

Aldo Bakkers’ work has a delicate and rare sense of harmony and his ideas are always intended to trigger a response. He wants to challenge us with his design, to make us stop our everyday routines for a minute and ponder over an odd little feature, hopefully making us perform our everyday casual acts with more attention.

  • Aldo Bakker, Netherlands c.1996
  • Solid ash, Clear lacquered
  • Height 42cm / 16.53"
  • Width 35cm / 13.8"

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