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3 Days Of Design , Copenhagen — Locations

3 Days Of Design is an emerging force in the design world. With a small area and high concentration of manufacturers, Copenhagen is the ideal venue to bring the design community together for 3 days in June.

AAVVGG has a long tradition of working with Danish partners so there was no shortage of stops to make.

This photo journal was created by AAVVGG Founder, Chris Hanz and GM Brandi Lynne; the left column taken by Chris, the right by Brandi.

Tio outdoor in galvanized steel and the Dandy ottoman, from the Massproductions Collection.

A. Petersen workshop and office.

Massproductions Memory Mirror, Crown Easy Chair and 4pm Lounge.

Montana and Bondi Chairs at Please Wait to Be Seated.

Frama Chair 01 and street party.

Frama Apothecary.

New Works Atlas dining table.

Massproductions Gridlock shelf.

Audo Collection

A Petersen


Frama Farmhouse tables, Shelf Library in White and Bracket chairs

1616 Arita Palace Plates / Frama Shelf Library

A. Petersen Table and Roller Cabinet

Another Aspect / Audo Collection

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