Androgyne Side Table — Ivory Marble
Audo by Danielle Siggerud Architects

This piece is part of the AAVVGG Archive and not currently part of the collection.

Distinguished by its playful yet elegant silhouette, the Androgyne Side Table was first designed for the Menu Space cafe but quickly went into production for a larger audience. The table’s refined marble top and contrasting wide, flat legs make it an easy fit for a range of décors.

The Androgyne Side Table was designed by Copenhagen-based Norwegian architect and designer Danielle Siggerud. It comes in black and ivory, with laser-cut steel legs and a stunning marble top that can be bought separately. The table’s sense of balance, proportion and mixed materials affords a sense of harmony. This blend of the masculine and feminine — true androgyny — is what lends the table its name. The essence of the table is its duality; it is elegant yet powerful.

  • Danielle Siggerud Architects, Denmark (2018)
  • 3mm sheet steel CNC welded and powder coated in Ivory (RAL 9002) with crystal beige rose marble top
  • Height 44,8 cm / 17,6"
  • Diameter  42 cm / 16,5"
  • Downloads: Specsheet, 2D File, 3D File

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