MC6 Fionda Side Chair — Natural Canvas
Mattiazzi by Jasper Morrison

This piece is part of the AAVVGG Archive and not currently part of the collection.

  • Jasper Morrison, UK c. 2016
  • Height 76cm / 30" 
  • Width 55cm / 21.6"
  • Seat Height 44cm / 17.3" 
  • Arm Height 64cm / 25.2"
  • Depth 63cm / 24.8"
  • Notes: Can be nested 5 deep. Does not fold. 
Materials / Production

Solid frame of black painted ash with canvas seat. Removable canvas fabric can be handwashed with Marseille soap.

Product information

Jasper Morrison's take on a classic canvas sling chair. The idea is to be suspended from a frame: the most simple construction and a surprisingly comfortable seating experience. It’s a chair in which our thoughts don’t have to carry any weight, they can feel free and travel.

Mattiazzi is a family owned producer of wooden furniture in Udine, Italy founded in 1978. Their highly specialized craftsmen operate the most sophisticated machinery available to the wood industry. An eight-axis CNC milling machine allows wood to take the complex shapes you would associate more with injection-molded plastic. Operating such a machine is an art and Mattiazzi disproves the modern myth that mechanized manufacturing is not a craft.