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Modul Chair — Black Leather, Mahogany
A Petersen by Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm

This piece is part of the AAVVGG Archive and not currently part of the collection.

Designer Chris L. Halstrøm has created a flexible piece of furniture for A. Petersen with multiple uses. It is a daybed, a sofa, a spare bed, a chair and a lounge module all in one. The Modul consists of two elements, a chair and a sofa, which can be put together or used individually.

In all simplicity, the Modul consists of a wooden frame, an upholstered seat, and one, respectively two, bolsters. The bolster has a slit that lets it grip a transverse backbar – a design touch which contributes to the high degree of flexibility. When the bolster is removed, the full depth of the seat can be utilized, and the Modul can be used as a guest bed or a classic daybed.

The cylindrical back cushion not only adds character but also makes the Modul suited for use as a free-standing element in the room. When the piece is pulled out from the wall, it can be accessed from both sides, and the round shape of the back now offers a minimal seat for a brief rest. The removable bolster also contributes to the sofa’s flexibility. For example, it can be moved around and used to support your neck or your legs.

  • Chris L. Halstrøm, Denmark
  • Solid Mahogany Frame, hairlock stuffing, bolster and seat covered in Black Savanne (semianilin leather) from Sørensen Leather
  • Made in Denmark
  • Depth 70cm / 27.6"
  • Width 145cm / 57"
  • Height 66cm / 26"
  • Seat Height 42cm / 16.5"

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