SD — Mortar & Pestle
2016/ Arita by Stefan Diez

This piece is part of the AAVVGG Archive and not currently part of the collection.

German designer Stefan Diez developed this tableware series that is striving to become a modern standard, having meticulously researched the cultural balance that exists between the Asian and Western approaches to food. One result of contemporary efficient manufacturing is that much of the porcelain produced today has lost its former exclusivity, a fact that led Diez to have misgivings about this shift towards standardisation and instead to propose a modern-day collection that still sought out the cherished skills of the craftsman. This beautiful tableware series is defined by each object’s delicate lines running uninterrupted from the sides to the interior.

The exterior of the Mortar features glaze whereas the Pestle and Mortar interior are an elegant matte finish. 

Designer Stefan Diez, Germany (2016)
Origin Made in Japan
Material Ceramic
Diameter 100mm / 3.9"
Height 58mm / 2.3"

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