AML Stool — Pine
Frama by Andreas Martin-Löf

This piece is part of the AAVVGG Archive and not currently part of the collection.

The AML Stool is a petite furniture object for everyday interiors. Suitable for use as a side table or bedside stool, the multifunctional stool takes its cues from a curation of vintage standards.

Envisioned to be a supportive role as a part of everyday scenes, the stool is composed by a rotund seat supported by three stout legs. Its compact appearance is enough to be of significance in a room, but its small scale seizes definite attention making the stool rather discrete. The compressed pine displays its grains, enhancing special detailing in the wood; including a slight carve sensed by touch on the sitting surface. The conical shaped legs follow the angles given by chamfers, ensuring the seat to be balanced throughout. This allows the stool to maintain a solid appearance that is still proportional in scale.

Invoked by a meeting of minds, this collaboration initially started simply as a meeting between two individuals. Founder of Frama, Niels Strøyer Christophersen and Andreas Martin-Löf came to know each other through a mutual friend some years ago. The friendship has since evolved to become a creative kinship with several exhibitions resulting from it and now a product as well. The mutual approach, consideration and fascination in respective fields inaugurated the process of creating a product together. The collaborators settled upon the decision of creating a stool inspired by the personal furnishing collection of Andreas acquired throughout the years. It was a specific piece, an old milking stool, which became the source of inspiration for the AML Stool. It proved to be a tedious process of finding the build, material and finish that could justly preserve the integrity of the old milking stool; whilst communicate an expression of the collaborators in their own language. Alas, the collaboration brought forward a product of the two minds; intended to be intrinsic for use in any space.

  • Andreas Martin-Löf, Sweden (c. 2018)
  • Solid Pine, Oiled
  • Made in Lithuania 
  • Height 312mm / 12.3"
  • Diameter 305mm / 12"
  • Seat Diameter 250mm / 9.8"

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