Waiter Chair — Black Stained Beech

This piece is part of the AAVVGG Archive and not currently part of the collection.

The Waiter Chair is comfortable for long dinners at home or in a restaurant. The legs are tucked under the seat, so you won’t trip over them as you walk past. Its simple design is specially adapted to meet the needs of waiters and guests alike. Despite its trim design, the chair is strong and stable, made in European FSC certified wood.

When designing Waiter, Chris Martin wanted to create a chair from a new perspective: the user’s. He saw an opportunity of developing a product adapted to the day-to-day needs of waiters and their patterns of movement. The back legs are designed so that they are neatly tucked under the seat to minimize the risk of tripping over them. Waiter is also solid and comfortable for the person sitting.

Waiter is light, sturdy and serviceable, but at the same time comfortable, encouraging guests to linger on at the dinner table. Waiter has become a statement stool for Massproductions and our tribute to waiters everywhere.

  • Chris Martin, UK c.2010
  • Solid Beech, Stained Black with Laminated Seat
  • Made in Europe
  • Width 39cm / 15.35"
  • Depth 48.5cm / 19.09"
  • Height  79cm / 31.1"
  • Seat Height  46cm / 18.1"

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