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Tio Side Table — Hot Dip Galvanized

This piece is part of the AAVVGG Archive and not currently part of the collection.

During the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2009, Chris Martin and Magnus Elebäck launched both Massproductions as a brand and their first product: Tio Chair. Tio quickly gained recognition in the industry and in Massproductions first year of operation it won the Swedish Association of Architects’ Golden Chair design award.

The clean, transparent design of the Tio series allows the pieces to blend in well with a large variety of architectural styles. Designer Chris Martin’s starting point for the design of Tio was to use as little material as possible, creating a deceptively strong and comfortable piece of furniture. The chairs and tables in the series are crafted using a few bent steel rods in a simple construction, which tricks the eye and immediately captures the viewer’s interest.

Today, the chair is represented in the permanent collection of The Swedish National Museum of Arts, in Stockholm. Over the years, Tio has been devel­oped into a collection comprising several types of chairs and tables.

  • Chris Martin, UK c2009
  • Galvanized Steel for outdoor or indoor use
  • Made in Europe
  • Diameter 600mm / 23.6"
  • Height  420mm / 16.5"
  • Notes Hot dip galvanized steel has an irregular finish that can look rough or like streaking 

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