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SBG 197 R — Blue
Wilde + Spieth by Egon Eiermann

This is a Special Order. It typically arrives in 12-16 Weeks.

The German architect Egon Eiermann designed this chair for the World Expo 1956 in Brussels (the signature base now known as the "Brussels Base") and it has been used by architects and creative people ever since.

The universal tool for the creative. The original concept, adapted to the human body, functions reduced to the bare minimum, sustainability of the materials and the clear language of form didn't change the last years.

The SBG 197 R swivel chair has an aluminium frame with seat height adjustment from SERVOLIFT® system and a mechanically adjustable seat tilt.

  • Egon Eiermann, Germany c.1956
  • Made in Germany
  • Seat and back of painted laminated beech veneer,  aluminum frame, plastic casters 
  • Colour RAL Blue
  • Seat Height 41 - 54cm / 16.5 - 21.3"
  • Height 61 - 91cm / 26 - 36"
  • Seat Depth 41cm / 16"
  • Depth 54cm / 22"
  • Weight 10kg / 22.5lbs

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