This piece is part of the AAVVGG Archive and not currently part of the collection.

Carbon fibre and steel. The chair looks industrial, and the materials back this impression up. Almost the opposite of what we normally associate with craftsmanship. But make no mistake: the Wire Chair, designed by architect Dan Svarth, is an excellent demonstration of quality craftsmanship.

The frame is carefully welded together, and the woven carbon-fibre seat and back are made in one strong flow. When you take a seat, the chair will surprise you with its comfortable give and the way it follows the shape of your body.

Dan Svarth made the first prototype of this chair in 1972 while he was teaching at the Royal Danish Academy – School of Architecture and, at the same time, working with the renowned Danish architect and designer Poul Kjærholm. Dan made the prototype himself, bending ordinary water pipes for the frame.

The only problem back then was that the wire was not stable enough for long-term use. Technology has come a long way, and today, we have the benefit of hardwearing carbon fibre. The diagonal weave makes the chair strong and stable.

The Wire Chair frame is welded by Mikkel Kjærholm, and the carbon fibre weave is made in the A. Petersen workshop at Kløvermarksvej.

  • Dan Svarth, Denmark c.1969
  • Stainless steel, carbon fibre
  • Made in Denmark
  • Length 66cm / 26"
  • Width 79cm / 31"
  • Height 69cm / 27"
  • Seat Height 40cm / 15.7"

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