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Sander Side Table

This piece is part of the AAVVGG Archive and not currently part of the collection.

Swedish glassmaking tradition meets high tech in this exquisite side table, consisting of a handblown, conical base attached to a hardened glass top using ultraviolet cured adhesive.

The first sketch of Sander was perhaps as simple as the Tim Robbins sketch of the hula hoop in the movie The Hudsucker Proxy. From above Sander is made out to just be three concentric circles, where the top, neck, and base connects with the tabletop. In reality, there is a lot more to it.

Sander’s cone base is mouth-blown into a steel mold. When producing the first table a great deal of effort went into producing the mold and working with the glassblower, in order to get a consistent quality in the wall thickness of the cone.

“Glass is a fascinating material – clear, pure, and uncomplicated visually. But when you get into the process of working with it, it’s incredibly complicated. There are many rules and restrictions, so I wanted to play with the contrast of how it looks so simple but needs a lot of precision in the production process.” Chris Martin

Sander’s Top is made of a hardened furniture glass, which gives the table a nice mix of industrial glass and hand-processed glass. The two parts connect at a thin neck, which was only possible by using a UV cured adhesive, actually stronger than the glass itself.

The table is named after Massproductions founder Magnus Elebäck’s son.

  • Chris Martin, UK c.2010
  • Mouth-blown crystal glass and hardened glass
  • Made in the Czech Republic
  • Height 40cm / 15.75"
  • Diameter 48cm / 18.9"
  • Weight 7kg / 15.5lbs

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