The Moccamaster story begins with Dutch industrial engineer Gerard Clement Smit’s passion for invention and love of coffee. Early in his career, Mr. Smit provided industrial design services for other firms, but he always knew that he wanted to forge his own way and go into business for himself. In 1964, that vision became a reality when he founded his own company called Technivorm.

After several years of research and development the vision became a reality and the Moccamaster 68 coffee brewer was introduced to the Dutch market in 1969 where it was received with great acclaim and success

In 1976, Technivorm debuted the KB 741 — the iconic Moccamaster coffee brewer beloved by specialty coffee enthusiasts and known for its precise engineering and unique design. With minimal changes to the original design, the Moccamaster KB is still in production today, handmade in the Technivorm factory, and enjoyed by millions around the world.

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