Elding Oscarson

Elding Oscarson was launched in 2007 on a conviction that the unique combination of the founders’ architectural backgrounds would generate relevant, thoughtful, and needed answers to a range of architectural problems. The office has since established its place in contemporary Scandinavian architecture, where it has developed surprising architecture, renegotiated boundaries, and distinguished itself through a rigorous design process that spans from vision and concept to detailing and realization.

Intentionally letting their works span several fields, scales and building types, Elding Oscarson regards every commission as an opportunity to critically reevaluate conventions, to invent and to develop. While formulating answers that are precise and considerate, the office has generated great value for their clients, users, and for the general public.

Elding Oscarson have been awarded a number of prizes for finalized works, such as the highest Swedish honor in architecture, the Kasper Salin Prize. Their works in Sweden and abroad have been widely published.

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