We make high-performance, multi-purpose products designed for those who want to define their own beauty and aren't concerned about what is considered appropriate for their age, position, or status – beauty for everyone from ages 19 to 99.

19/99’s multi-use essentials are designed for building, blending, buffing, smudging, and doing what you want. Makeup is an embellishment, an accessory, and above all, temporary. We embrace and find beauty in the smears, strokes, creases, and the time spent with ourselves to make up or just touch up.

19/99 are committed to making the most sustainable choices for our ingredients, packaging, and shipping materials. And most important, we create multi-purpose products so that you need to buy less. Their products are cruelty-free, vegan, and free of synthetic fragrance. Recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible, and minimize the use of plastics.

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