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A to B — Chord Sofa

The journey of the Chord Sofa begins at the desks of Nathan Martell and Steve Suchy, who designed the modular sofa system that went into production at Part and Whole in 2021. 

But this story is about one specific sofa: A 2-corner configuration in Vidar #972 that arrived at AAVVGG in Toronto April 20th 2023. 

This particular sofa was crafted in Victoria, BC with the same care as all those before it, but it was the first produced for a retailer and the first to be upholstered in Vidar - part of a range of AAVVGG exclusive textiles. 

To specify, test, produce and deliver this sofa it took 12 weeks. But much more goes into delivering a sofa than production and shipping time.

The conversation between Part and Whole and AAVVGG that led to initiating production took about 10 months. The back story was even longer.

To start at the very beginning, you would need to go back to late 2017 when (then) Toronto-based designer Tom Chung (now based in Rotterdam) and AAVVGG Founder Chris Hanz (now based in Paris) were planning a launch event for the Tom Chung and Jordan Murphy-designed Menu Cast Pendant Light at the original Average shop on Queen Street West in Toronto.

The production and delivery of this sofa was documented by Guy Ferguson (in Victoria) and Brandi Lynne (in Toronto) and combined with fragments of various conversations that took place between the organizations and individuals on email, SMS and DM.

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