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The 17:1/1 exhibition featured seventeen rugs sourced from all around the world by catalog:three and hand selected by AAVVGG. Each rug was unique, with only one produced and available.

The rugs were displayed on an elaborate scaffold spanning two stories of the AAVVGG 626 Richmond Street West space.

The exhibition opened with a private event featuring music by 

Darrell Belmont


Teo provided us with this playlist following his set.

"The playlist starts out with a little bit of jazz, and a little bit of hip-hop. as the playlist progresses, it gradually builds to incorporate more electronic and ambient sounds, creating a dreamy and ethereal atmosphere."

"The songs on the playlist are all chosen for their calming qualities, and the overall vibe is one of peacefulness and introspection. it’s the perfect soundtrack for a lazy day at home, a long drive, or just unwinding after a busy day.”

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